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Leak near upper pila Dec 8th 2018 | Caracol Assn Web site

Leak near upper pila Dec 8th 2018

This is a quick note to the Caracol Residents concerning the water leak near the upper pila. The leak is substantial and on the pressure side of the upper pila pump. Water is bubbling up and eroding the cobbles and undercutting the soil under the leak. A traffic cone has been placed near the leak, so watch for it so you don't drive or walk into the depression. The pump that supplies pressure to the upper road has been turned off, which as slowed the erosion.

CEA has been contacted by multiple people, but since this is the weekend there is little chance of any attention by the water company. We will try to contact CEA again on Monday morning to see if we can get any response.

In the meantime, please conserve and lets try and stretch what water we have left as long as possible.

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