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Robbery on the Caracol | Caracol Assn Web site

Robbery on the Caracol

I briefly mentioned in a previous newsletter about the robberies that had occurred around San Carlos earlier in the summer. In spite of us having extra guards this summer, the Caracol has fallen prey to some bad people. As I mentioned in the July issue, the guards have prevented several known individuals from entering or returning to the Caracol. But we can’t stop them all. With most of the residents away, it is unfortunately easy for robbers to break into homes, load up a car or van and leave with little chance they will be noticed. We had three homes broken into this summer. One resulted in many thousands of dollars in losses. Another seems to have been ransacked but little was stolen, and a third the break-in was thwarted by alarms that scared them away. We have some reason to believe that both homes that were burgled were done by persons that knew what was in the homes. Possibly workers that were hired earlier in the year and were familiar with the homes and their contents. The break-ins were discovered when the homes were being checked for storm damage after Sergio. Its possible the robberies could have taken place weeks before they were discovered. Without a good guess as to when the robberies took place, reviewing the gate video can be a daunting task. Videos from the gate for some possible dates were examined, but we could not find any evidence of stolen goods being transported off the hill. If you are going to be away from your house for a length of time, please consider having someone check your home frequently. The loud audible alarm also seems to be a good deterrent.

The guards only see and control what occurs at the entrance. It is important for everyone to be aware and vigilant of activities on the hill. If you see something that doesn’t look right around someones home, call the guards at the entrance so they can be on the lookout and call the police. Let’s all help each other to make the Caracol a Safe, Peaceful and Secure place to live.

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