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Thanks to all the VOLUNTEERS! | Caracol Assn Web site

Thanks to all the VOLUNTEERS!

Hello to all!
Yesterday's work day was a huge success due to the efforts of so many. Lots of pieces have to work together to make it a successful day and Tom and I would like to thank each of you for your part. We got so much done!!!

To recap:
1. Area by Jaksha curve and trees, bushes length of exit and entry road cleaned. Total garden cleaned out along curve ( This was done 1 week in advance with volunteers) Jaksha's will have gardener put in new plants in this area.
2. Terracing done with new boulders along exit (bougainvillea hillside), plus planting of aloe on the terraces.
3. Total irrigation laid for all entry plants( emitters will be finished next week) with more volunteers.)
4. Runoff swails built on the entire hillside from guard house to existing neighbors wall.
5. All rocks moved to aesthetically improve the rock area by new palms and help with runoff. 4 new plants in this area.
6. Wall repair and wall area cleaned, all rocks moved to build the Swails.
7. All weeding completed around bougainvillea and cactus areas and waste removed.
8. Entry sign primed and repainted for rust.
9.. Soon will be laying gravel and spreading it where the tree was cut down on exit road.
10. Photography done for next General meeting slide show.

Many people helped in a number of ways:
DONORS: Andy and Bev Winstrom, Mike and Bette Makoid, Josh And Maggie Douglas, Pat and Dave Jaksha, Hildegard Bruni, Carey and Mark Snyder Hyatt, Art and Anne Lewis, Kathie and Jim Bolen, Al and Cynthia Dodson, Victoria and Mario Lopez, Mozelle and Rick Williams, Mary and Tom Reed, Jim and Rosina Straw, Thonda Oliver. HOA paid for irrigation supplies, boulders, and some gravel work.

VOLUNTEERS: Ron Halverson and team of 3, Salvador ( From Jim Straw), Tomas, our road worker, Adrian, from guard gate, Victor ( from Andy Winstrom) Manuel Cassius and his team of 4, Dee Searson, Al Dodson, Victoria and Mario Lopez, Idris and Emile Ascherl, Steve and Evelyn Fincham, Rex Baumbeck, Ken Geisler, Dennis Sogn, and Mary and Tom Reed.

LUNCHEON, DRINKS, WATER and SNACKS: (for everyone working) supplied by:
Sharon Mooney, Pete and Bonnie Eddy, Carol Miller, Marti Starick, Mary Reed, Josh Douglas, Delia Ingram " burrito queen", Dean and Sandra Porter, Deb Geisler, Bev Winstrom, Shari and Dan Bohlmann, Grace and George Sutton, Karen Searson and Cynthia Lundgren.

Mary and Tom Reed

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