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Board meeting Feb 25.2019 | Caracol Assn Web site

Board meeting Feb 25.2019

Board Meeting Agenda
February 25, 2019
10:00am Tequila’s

  1. Greeting, call meeting to order at 10:00 A.M.
  1. Roll call-Quorum established.
  1. Approval of January 31, 2019 Board Minutes.
  1. Variance and building permit review Bosch lot number 635
  1. Variance and building permit review Aguilar (new member) lot number 325.
  1. Variance and building permit review Hicks lot number 341.
  1. New Proposed Architectural building fees.

Resolution to approve the Architectural fee schedule dated effective March 1st 2019 as attached.

  1. Architectural review and summery outsource candidates and vote for approval for a period through May 2019.
Resolution to approve the retention of Roberto Alverez for a trial/probationary period through May 2019 as Caracol Architectural review agent for the Caracol Association. The Mission is to review all Caracol new building requests for a building permit, variance and/or any construction regarding compliance with the Caracol Protective Rules 2004 as published in addition to the City of Guaymas, Sonora building codes. Prepare and present the written check list including a final summery comment and subsequent recommendation to approve or not approve the requested permit/variance. See attached Caracol Construction Fee Schedule 2019. The trial period compensation for Alverez will be 50% of the collected fees. The fee will be paid by the Association to Alverez upon presentation of a Factura if and when it is collected from the requesting resident.

  1. Presentation by Kafka re: property dispute.
  1. Updated Upper Pila remodel project Phases I, II & III for approval.
Resolution to approve Sonora Vista Construction Upper Pila Construction proposal dated 8/06/2018 including the addition of 2 new submersible pumps to pressure Abulon as attached.
  1. Membership update-Karen Searson.
  1. Update on sewer and road and water repair on entrance and exit roads.
  1. Adjournment Motion.

Post Board Meeting discussion:

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