Los Residentes de la Peninsula Caracol


Welcome to the Caracol Peninsula Association’s Web site

The development of the Sector Caracol Peninsula initiated with the construction of several homes in 1973. The Association was created in 1987 by a group of Caracol homeowners, who, at the time, numbered in the 60’s. Please review the History tab to learn about how it all started. In 1991, the Association became an official civic entity registered under the applicable Mexican laws. The Constitution and By-laws are available here for your review, under the Regulations tab.

Today Caracol Peninsula is made up of 354 lots, 204 of which are built (17 families owning multiple lots) and the remaining are lots. A lot plat map is available in Your HOA tab. In there, you will also meet the individuals making up the Association’s Board. Members of the Committees serving the Board will be found in the Committees tab. The yearly schedule of meetings, according to the requirements of the By-laws, will be found in the Meetings tab. Under the Minutes tab you will find the reports for all meetings held by the Board as well as the yearly General Assembly, dating back a couple of years.

Tips for living in Caracol/San Carlos, including a schedule of Mexican holidays, medical contacts, phone dialing instructions, utility providers contact, links to immigration visa requirements and more can be found under the Tips tab. This information will help new comers and even long-timers find the local information that others wished they had when they first arrived in San Carlos.

The fees for membership in the association or donors are listed under the Fees tab, including fees for the architectural committee in case you are building or remodeling. There are also instructions on where to pay or send payment, including how to use PayPal for this purpose.

The Emergency tab will show contact information, including who to contact in case of a death. There’s also a News tab that will report on the current events happening in Caracol. The biyearly Newsletter of the Association has its own tab. The Bulletin Board tab will allow you to post questions and comments once you register with the administrator.

There is a Security tab describing the history of our gates and a step-by-step procedure on how to gain access to the Caracol through our gates. In 2008, the Association contracted with CyberCo, a local security company, to install and manage the electronic gates at the entrance to our community. In this tab, among other things, you will find how to register to acquire your personal access code.

There is also a Search button to help you find what you are specifically looking for in our site. A Translator button will help you get the site’s information in the Spanish or English language.

It is the purpose of this Association to protect the Caracol Peninsula owners’ interest in maintaining the existing infrastructure and the community’s quality of life. In this effort, the Association welcomes any resident’s participation and financial support. The Association is also very grateful to those whose contributions have allowed us to be where we are now. The future is just around the corner, make your participation one of value to all.caracol